Don Bosco University aims to provide the best of opportunities to every individual who comes into the institution.  Its courses of study and its pedagogical methods have been selected to ensure that its graduates find their rightful place in the world of work and become, in turn, leaders and agents of change and transformation of society in their own areas of work and engagement. Every effort is being made to make this a ‘model’ university, leveraging our century-old expertise in education in India and abroad.

Don Bosco University is envisaged to be a centre of excellence in study and research focusing upon the following:

providing easier access to higher education for the under-privileged and the marginalized.
harmonizing technical excellence with human and religious values.
employment-oriented courses in emerging areas of contemporary technology and service.
‘Teacher Education’ as a privileged area of interest to accelerate the pace, reach and quality of education.
quality research initiatives with practical and social relevance.
providing a forum for debate and research on key human issues like religion & culture, peace & justice, ethics and governance.
popularizing and promoting higher education among the tribal population of North East through specific quotas allotted to them and by creating awareness through our vast educational and social welfare set up in this region.
contributing to the socio-economic development of North-East India.
boosting international linkages and collaboration in university education.


To mould young persons into intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired citizens at the service of India and the world of today and tomorrow, by imparting holistic and personalized education.

Style and approach

The university aims to provide quality education characterized by the distinctive educational philosophy and method of Don Bosco as expressed in:

a preferential option for young people from the lower strata of society, providing them with an education and preparing them for their insertion into the world of work.
a close attention to the inter-relationship between culture, religion, science, technology, education, professional ethics and integrity of life.
a spirit of family characterized by the presence of teachers and administrators among and for the students
an academic and educative style of relationship founded on reason, religion and kindness.
a special attention to the formation of educators, the field of technology and work, and the world of communications.
a sustained effort to promote in society formative programmes that impact educative processes as well as on strategies and policies for youth.
a continuous attempt, through research and services, to understand better the situation of the youth in India, especially the most disadvantaged, and to frame and implement strategies to bring about their positive transformation.
provision of a basket of finishing school skills and quality placements for each and every student
continuous and on-going evaluation of every process in the system
a proactive alumni association.


The spirit of the university has been encapsulated in its emblem which has four distinct elements:

‘The Cross” signifying its underlying Christian inspiration;
‘The Profile of St. John  Bosco’ to denote its distinctive educational philosophy; 
‘The rays of the Rising Sun’  standing for its dynamism and commitment to society;
‘The Book’ emphasizing its commitment to academic and technical excellence: and
The motto, ‘Carpe Diem’ which translates as ‘Seize the Day’ challenging every Bosconian to grasp the opportunities presented by each new day and attain ‘life in its fullness.’

Thrust Areas of Study and Research

Initially, Don Bosco University will focus its teaching, research and consultancy on three core areas: technology sector, service sector and social sector. These areas of interest have been chosen for the following reasons:  1) focus on cutting-edge contemporary technology, 2) employability of the graduates, 3) capacity to transform society.

Technology Sector

  Information Technology and related fields
  Biotechnology and related fields

Service Sector

    Nursing, Pharmacology, Para-Medical and related fields
    Psychology, Counseling and related fields
    Management and related fields
    Media, Arts and related fields
    Teacher Education
    Social Work, Rural Development and related fields

Social Sector

    Religion and Culture and related fields
    Ethics, Governance, Tribal Studies
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