Don Bosco Society, Azara’ set up to provide higher education to the youth of North-East India aims to provide courses that would be employment –generating so that every student of the institutions started by the Society would find gainful employment. With this objective, the Society set itself the task of starting a college in the initial stages, then an engineering college, and eventually a university.

Growth and Expansion

The society has been involved in setting up and managing a junior college (classes 11 and 12) for the past five years. Started in 2001 only for the Science Stream students, the college has steadily added the Commerce and Arts Streams of study, and the student enrolment has increased from the initial batch of 60 students to 300 students. The staff strength has grown from the initial batch of 6 teachers to 18 teachers, and from the initial strength of 3 non-teaching staff to 9 non-teaching staff.

The academic performance of the students has been consistently good, well above the average of the Assam Higher Secondary Board. In fact, in 2006, the college has had 100% success rate in all streams.

Over these years, the society has completed the construction of 24 classrooms, 3 laboratories, a staff room, several office rooms, two student common rooms and the necessary number of toilets in the main building. Two wings of the building have been completed. A third wing, and a fourth floor still remain to be done.

Last year the society has also added a modest multi-purpose hall that can be used as an auditorium to its assets. A small gymnasium and a decent sized canteen to seat about 100 persons have been added to the facilities available at the college premises. Temporary buildings in the campus house about 40 hostellers.

The First Private University in Assam

In the year 2007, the Society took the bold step of establishing the first private university in Assam under the name of ‘Don Bosco University’. The mandate of the university is to provide courses that are job-oriented and technology-intensive, while at the same time concentrating on an integral and personalized education of the young that will mould its students into intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired citizens at the service of India and the world of today and tomorrow. The university will also focus on the tribal and the disadvantaged population of the North-East providing them with top rate facilities for technical and vocational courses that will ensure their employability.

The Government of Assam has passed also the necessary legislation (Assam Private Universities Act, 2007) enabling the Society to set up the Don Bosco University. The Society made an application to the Government to establish ‘Don Bosco University’ at Guwahati on 8th November 2008. The government issued a ‘Letter of Intent (LOI)’ on 29th March 2008, and passed the ‘Don Bosco University Act, 2009’ on 9th January 2009. The university was formally inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Assam, Shri Tarun Gogoi, on 6th December 2008.

University Campus and Academic Programmes

The Society has acquired 230 acres of land for the University project at Tapesia near Guwahati. However, while the permanent campus is being developed at Tapesia, the Society established ‘Don Bosco College of Engineering & Technology’ on 11th August 2008 at its existing facilities at Azara (Guwahati) with a full complement of 240 students in four branches of engineering. This constituent college of Don Bosco University is also approved by the All India Council for Technical Education, Vide their Letter No.06/02/ASSAM/Engg/2008/01 dated 30th June 2008.
In August 2009, the Society has started MCA (Master of Computer Applications) at Don Bosco College of Engineering & Technology as well MBA (Master of Business Administration) at their campus at Kharguli (Guwahati) with the approval of the AICTE. In quick succession, there will also be courses in Nursing, Pharmacology, Teacher Education, Mass Media, Medical Lab Technology, Social Work, Psychology & Counselling etc.

The Society’s resources are limited; bank loans are expensive; and, the resource requirements for the University are immense. It is in this context that we look forward for helps to raise resources to the tune of Rs 300,00,00,000.00 (Rupees Three Hundred crores) to enable us to put this unique venture on a firm footing and to develop it into a world-class institute for teaching and research.

The emphasis in these new ventures will be on the development of the disadvantaged sections of society, especially the scheduled castes and the schedules tribes of North-East India, giving them an opportunity to avail of these professional courses, at a low cost, in their own setting. This will remove one of the constraints they face in having to go to other parts of India for their professional studies, at great cost, which they cannot afford.

The society also intends to start a Youth Centre at the college premises to offer a congenial atmosphere for the local youth to come and study or relax in the evenings. Such a facility is non-existent in the area around Azara where the college is situated. Eventually the society also intends to set up a public health centre at the campus for the use of the students as well as the people living in the locality. The Educational Complex at the University campus will also have a school for 1000 disadvantaged children from North-East India who have a capacity to learn. They will be given free education to help them take their rightful place in society. Women’s Study Centre, Socially relevant outreach programmes, Programme to ensure equity and access, Research into youth issues and development and North-East Studies are also some of the important activities the Society intends to undertake. We hope to fund this project out of the resources of the university and with help from friends and benefactors.

It is for the speedy implementation of all these ambitious projects that the society and the university are looking for funding by agencies and donors.




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