The Society of the Salesians of Don Bosco

The Salesians of Don Bosco had very humble beginnings in 1841 at Turin in Italy with the work of St John Bosco for the poor and abandoned street children of the day. Today, the Society numbers over 30,000 members working in 130 countries around the world in schools, technical schools, polytechnics, colleges and universities.

The Don Bosco Society, in association with other groups of Catholic Church, has contributed immensely in the field of education in India through a large network of schools and colleges. The very first college of the Society was started in India in 1934 – St Anthony’s College, Shillong; it is today one of the premier institutions of higher learning in Eastern India. Currently, the Society runs 54 institutions of higher learning around the world, 14 of them full-fledged universities. In India, the Society runs One University, 28 colleges and hundreds of schools and technical schools.

An year ago, the Government of India recognized the Salesians of Don Bosco as the biggest provider of technical education in the country, second only to the government. ‘Boscotech’ is the coordinating body of the society’s efforts in the field of technical education.

The Society of the Salesians of Don Bosco also enjoys ‘Consultative Status’ at the United Nations (U.N.O)

The programmes run by these institutes are characterized by

Faculty with committed values, competence and experience
Being interactive and flexible to suit both the contents and learning needs of the students
Being innovative to include modern learning technologies and strategies in programmes
High quality learning materials that reflect quality of course deliverables
Regular monitoring of the program outcomes in conjunction with students and faculty
Continuous interface with the industry to ensure relevance

Social development is another privileged area of concern for Don Bosco Society. Self-Help Groups, numbering about 7000 and spread across North-East India, have immensely helped the socially deprived sections of society. Outreach programmes of the Society touch the lives of thousands through dozens of rural development centres, non-formal ITIs, agricultural training centers, and co-operative societies.  Over 20,000 children, literally plucked off the streets of the major metropolises of India (including Guwahati), are provided with shelter, education and care in the Society’s Shelter Homes.

The vision of Don Bosco Society Institutions

The Society is committed to an integral and personalized education of the young that will mould its students into intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed and spiritually inspired citizens at the service of India and the world of today and tomorrow.

The mission of Don Bosco Society Institutions

To develop the institutions into  centers of excellence and enable holistic development of students through best practices in education & training and proactive use of cutting edge technologies & contemporary knowledge through a well developed network of intellectuals, research institutions and corporate houses.
Contribute to the development of a knowledge based society, endeavoring to develop its staff and students into a new generation of leaders who possess a love for truth, the critical intelligence to pursue it and the eloquence to articulate it
Give special attention to the field of education, the formation of educators, the field of technology and work and the world of communication.
Maintain close attention to building a moral conscience based on values, with special emphasis on a culture of solidarity and peace through a model of sustainable human development of equality and reciprocity in relationships and of respect for human life in its highest dignity.
Promote dialogue among different cultures and religions, between culture-science-technology and a faith capable of enlightening reality and life

Don Bosco Society, Azara

Don Bosco Society, Azara’ is a Registered Society (SR/DBSA-43/02 dated 5th April 2002) set up by the Salesians of Don Bosco at Guwahati (Assam, India) to provide higher education to the youth of North-East India. The aim was to provide courses that would be employment –generating so that every student of the institutions started by the Society would find gainful employment. With this objective, the Society set itself the task of starting a college in the initial stages, then an engineering college, and eventually a university.

Tax Exemption and Tax Benefits Status of Don Bosco Society - Azara

Don Bosco Society – Azara is registered under various sections of the Income Tax Act entitling it to the benefits of tax exemption and enabling it to issue certificates to donors for availing of tax benefits on their donation. The details are given below.

Registrations under Income Tax Act

Under Section 12AA of the Income Tax Act

  Memo No.1/12AA/Tech/03-04/46-48 dated 5th April 2004
Under Section 80 G 5 (VI) of the Income Tax Act
  F.No.29/80G/Tech./06-07/6255 dated 5th Feb 2007

Under Section 10(23C) of the Income Tax


Notification No.1of 2008-09, F.No.T-6/CCIT/TECH/SHG/10 (23C) (iv)/2008-09/4096-196 dated 24th Feb 2009

Under Section 35 (A)(C)

  Under process

The Society is also registered under the ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Act’ entitling it to receive donations and grants from abroad.

Registration under the ‘Foreign Contribution Regulation Act’
            FCRA No. 020780105 dated 7th December 2006

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